In a nutshell about me

I am an 80’s baby, a true new waver and a sci-fi fan that loves making films. I’ve been the rebel of my family, friends and work life for as long as I can remember and have always gotten along with odd balls. I love music, fast cars, and riding my Harley around town at the crack of dawn. Blade runner has been a great inspiration and a turning point in my life ever since I saw it shining on the big screen many years ago.

I don’t run away from challenges, I run over them because mediocrity bores me. My love of experimenting with storyboards, shooting outdoors and showing off in huge frames allows me to give a new angle to the traditional story line. I’ve had the privilege of making films all over the world (8 countries and counting.) Discovering great talent all over the world excites me and I am also known to be experimental with new products, new cities, new D.O. P’s, new editors, even new colorists to bring in a renewed perspective and flavor to a project. While it has been hectic, I have loved being busy traveling, and exploring many parts of the world, working with an assortment of people and learning something new from each experience.

Having received the tools and confidence to work in a variety of environments from Ohio University in the United States, solid aesthetics and a strong background in advertising also aided in not only strengthening my film making, but also my personal foundation. Although I have been creating television commercials for Telco’s to tea bags for the past two decades, I am up for a new challenge and finding a fresh new look to break from the norm. Please do not ask me how old I am but do get in touch... Let's create magic together!